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Get Ready for Fall

Redmax Leaf BlowersWe’ve stocked up on new Redmax Leaf Blowers to get ready for the Fall Leaf Clean Up season. First day of Fall is Thursday, September 22rd. Come in and see our Hand-Held and Back-Pack Leaf Blowers, or check our models online.

We also have commercial grade wheeled leaf blowers, plus leaf vacuums.

Mahindra Tractors and UTVs!


Mahindra Tractor 1533

See our full line up of Mahindra Tractors.
See the Mahindra Tractor Attachments

Charlottesville Power Equipment is proud to announce that we are now a dealer for Mahindra Tractors and Utility Vehicles (UTV). We are very excited about this because Mahindra is the world’s number 1 selling tractor. We will be carrying a selection of compact and sub compact tractors plus many attachments to make this a very versatile piece of equipment for small farms, vineyards, large property owners. Mahindra tractors come with a 5-year power train warranty.

And if you want the fun of a Utility Vehicle combined with a strong work horse to get you where you want to go, check out the Mahindra Utility Vehicles.
Mahindra XTV Utility Vehicle

Vineyard Virtuoso

We’ve been saying for years that the Ventrac tractor is the perfect machine for maintaining vineyards—and Central Virginia has a lot of vineyards. Here is the owner of Breitenbach Wine Cellers, an award-winning winemaker in Ohio, talking about how the Ventrac tractor is perfect for mowing between the grape vine rows and for stability on hills. Plus plowing snow and so much more.

Ventrac on Channel 29 TV

We have a Ventrac Tractor ad running on WVIR NBC Channel 29 in Charlottesville.
Find out more about the Ventrac Tractor and all that it can do for your property.

Watch the ad here now, then go to our Ventrac product page here.

Golf Carts Shipment

Golf Carts
A truckload of custom Golf Carts has arrived in time for summer fun.
All newer year models 2008-2012.
Electric and gas with all kinds of features and options.
We even have some in UVA Orange and Blue–Wahoo!

New TV Commercial

Watch on NBC Channel 29 for our new Ferris Mower commercial. It starts running March16. Watch the preview video here:

New Service Policy

mower repair servicesIn order to provide the best quality service to our customers and the manufacturers that we represent, as of January 1, 2015 we will only provide outdoor power equipment repair services on the brands that we sell (or have sold in the past). Maintenance and Repair Services for outdoor power equipment has become difficult to find in the Charlottesville area these days. Most companies that offered this type of service have gone out of business. Regrettably, we have had to make the decision to limit what we can service.

We do however, still offer a large selection of in-stock PARTS for MOST brands of mowers and other outdoor power equipment, whether purchased from us or not. We carry most of the commonly needed parts, for brands including Craftsman, Troybuilt, MD, Murray and Snapper, to name a few. We may not be able to fix your lawn mower any more, but we can still sell you the parts to help you maintain and repair it yourself.

We are interested in a long-term relationship with our customers. We offer the best quality outdoor power equipment for farm, lawn and garden from the top manufacturers at a reasonable price. Our customers find that buying from Charlottesville Power Equipment is a smart choice because we provide full service support after the sale including warranty repairs, complete maintenance and repair service, parts and any additional accessories you may want to add in the future. Please consider the life of the equipment before you purchase. It’s the after-the-sale service relationship that makes Charlottesville Power Equipment different from buying online or from big box stores. Buy Smart. Buy Local.

Snow Blowers Blown Out

snow blowers save lives

Wow! Due to the incredible early Northeast snow, all major manufacturers have sold out of their snow blower inventory, and do not plan to build  more this season. So snow blowers are going to be in very short supply the rest of this winter. But we still have 7 Snow Blowers in stock! So don’t wait, first come, first served.

A Snow Blower makes a great holiday gift for the person stuck shoveling at your house. Snow shoveling is dangerous to people over the age of 55. A study looking at data from 1990 to 2006 by researchers at the US Nationwide Children’s Hospital recorded 1,647 fatalities from cardiac-related injuries associated with shovelling snow. Cardiologist Barry Franklin found that when men shovelled snow, their heart rate and blood pressure increased more than when they exercised on a treadmill. “Combine this with cold air, which causes arteries to constrict and decrease blood supply, you have a perfect storm for a heart attack,” he says. Franklin considers snow shovelling to be so dangerous that he advises anyone over the age of 55 not to do it.

We think that’s another great reason to buy a Snow Blower. See our line of Simplicity Snow Blowers now.

Order Snow Blowers Now

signatureblowerAfter last winter, were you thinking of getting a snow blower to make life easier this winter? Simplicity® Snow Throwers are going to be in short supply this winter –we are only custom ordering this year. For the best pricing, please order by October 31st. Minimize your time and effort shoveling snow in the blistering cold this winter by letting a Simplicity plow through your snow removal woes. Simplicity snow blowers, also known as snow throwers, tackle the wettest snow and tallest drift. For more information about our blowers/throwers read more…