Wheeled Trimmer

Echo Bearcat ChippersECHO Bear Cat WT190

Wheeled Trimmer Bearcat WT190

The ECHO Bear Cat WT190 Wheeled Trimmer can churn through the heaviest weeds or lightly trim around delicate landscaping. The WT190 features .150 mil nylon line cutting standard with specialty Triple Blade Brush Cutter and Sabre Tooth Blade kits available. The Sabre Tooth Blade can cut saplings up to 4” diameter and the Triple Blade Brush Cutter makes short work of the heaviest weeds. The ECHO Bear Cat Wheeled Trimmer is capable of continuous operation on a slope not to exceed 15 degrees. Limited operation on slopes greater than 15 degrees is allowed. There are three separate gears on the transmission of the Self-Propelled Wheeled Trimmer, and the speed range from 1 to 3 mph.

Weight (lbs) 77
Engine Displacement 190cc
Briggs and Stratton Quantum Engine