Brush Cutters

RedMax Dealer CharlottesvilleBuilt to withstand the most difficult clearing jobs from tough grasses and shrubs to dense undergrowth, RedMax brushcutters are the highest caliber professional-commercial duty equipment available. Equipped with heavy-duty integrated vibration reduction systems and ergonomic handles and grips, these superior units are easy-to-use with a focus on maximizing user comfort in the field. Most models are backed by a full, two-year commercial warranty. These models also feature the patented, Strato-Charged engine technology, producing fewer emissions and up to 20% more fuel efficiency. 

RedMax offers a range of brushcutter blades to meet all your landscaping needs. 

RedMax brushcutters offer rapid acceleration and high torque, and are combined with optimized gear case transmission ratios for superior cutting performance.

RedMax brushcutters are designed around the needs of professionals in the landscaping community.


RedMax BCZ350S

Brush Cutter redmax-bcz350s
Cylinder displacement 34.6 cc
Strato-Charged 2-stroke engine
Power output 2.15 hp
Fuel tank 20.3 fl oz
Weight (excl. cutting equipment) 13 lbs





RedMax BCZ3050SW

Brush Cutter redmax-bcz3050sw
The BCZ3050SW features a Strato-Charged 2-stroke engine that produces ultra-low emissions with high power output. Its 29.5 cc, 1.4 horsepower engine is combined with a die-cast aluminum housing for maximum heat dissipation for a longer life. A solid steel drive shaft connects to a gearbox with zerk fittings, so it is easy to lubricate and maintain. And the BCZ3050SW has a vibration-reduction system built into the fan housing to reduce operator fatigue and allow you to work longer. Bike handles with throttle control improve ergonomics for the operator.

Cylinder displacement     29.5 cc
Strato-Charged 2-stroke engine
Power output  1.4 hp
Solid steel shaft
Fuel tank volume 24.3 fl oz
Weight (excl. cutting equipment) 13 lbs


RedMax BCZ400SW

Brush Cutter redmax-bcz400sw
Cylinder displacement     40.1 cc
Strato-Charged 2-stroke engine
Power output  2.0 hp
Fuel tank volume 25.4 fl oz
Weight (excl. cutting equipment) 15 lbs