Ventrac Snow Attachments

Our Ventrac Articulating Tractor is the perfect snow management tool when you add any of the snow attachments available.
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Ventrac V-Blade


ventrac snow blade

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The 55 inch Ventrac KV552 V-Blade maximizes efficiency with the ability to quickly change from V plow to Scoop to straight blade, all from the convenience of Ventrac’s exclusive S.D.L.A. control system. This flexibility and a 48″ V width, makes the KV552 Blade ideal for walks and areas that larger blades are unable to plow. Standard features include hydraulically activated wing cylinders, mechanical trip, adjustable cast iron skid shoe discs, reversible high carbon hardened steel cutting edges, and a center shoe for gliding over rough terrain. Pivot points are fully greasable to ensure proper operation, even in the worst environments.



Ventrac Blade Attachment

Angle Blades—KD602 / KD722

Ventrac Snow Blade

Ventrac KD Power Angle Blades have working widths of 60, and 72 inches (152, 183 centimeters). All control functions are performed with the S.D.L.A. control for raising and lowering the blade or angling it left or right. Adjustable skid shoes accommodate dozing at selected heights, such as moving snow on gravel driveways. The blades can be operated in a trip position for plowing or in a locked position for digging into material. Ventrac Power Angle Blades are versatile, labor-saving attachments designed for any number of jobs. From plowing snow, moving material, or cleaning an area, the Ventrac KD series blades are up to the task.



Power Broom—HB580


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ventrac broom attachment The HB580 Power Broom is designed for sweeping and removal of snow and debris. A corner-less frame design permits sweeping against curbs and allows for the cleaning of corners. The HB580 Broom can be hydraulically angled left or right and lifted up or down. A self-leveling feature keeps the broom horizontal at all times. An optional electric actuator allows the operator to adjust the speed and direction of the broom rotation, maximizing effectiveness and allowing the operator to reverse broom rotation, all from the seat of the tractor.



Snow Blower—KX523


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KX523_blowersiloThe 52″ wide Ventrac KX523 Snow Blower is built for commercial snow clearing operations of sidewalks, driveways, and other areas. A two stage snow blower features a 16″ diameter solid auger for best snow transfer, a large 20″ diameter fan, and the ability to move 4,500 pounds of snow per minute at distances up to 40 feet. Standard features include adjustable cast iron skid shoe discs at the rear, high carbon hardened steel shoes at the side, and a reversible high carbon hardened steel cutting edge. The hydraulically activated discharge chute can rotate 220 degrees, all from the convenience of Ventrac’s control system. Chute deflection is manually adjustable. An electric chute deflection controller is optional.




New! Drop Spreader—SA250

Ventrac ice melt spreader

Ventrac snow management

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The Ventrac Sidewalk Drop Spreader—SA250 attachment is the ultimate tool for spreading an array of de-icing materials with precision flow control. Designed with a narrow frame and a 40″ drop pattern, this spreader is ideal for spreading material on sidewalks and other narrow walkways. Material is evenly distributed using a unique compression roller system. An easy gate adjustment allows for fine tuning flow rates based on the type of material being spread and the desired quantity being applied. The wireless remote control regulates five motor speeds for quick flow adjustments from the comfort of the operator seat. The stainless steel hopper prevents premature failure due to rust and corrosion. The innovative agitation system prevents material bridging and eliminates the need for a traditional, noisy vibration motor. Universal mounting options are available for a 2” receiver hitch or a category one three-point hitch. Click on the image at right to watch a video of the Ventrac Drop Spreader in action.




Another great Ventrac Video and customer testimonial. Mow in the summer, plow in the winter, Ventrac does it all: