The Brown Stuff

If you have The Brown Stuff, there is not much that you cannot clean.This high-alkaline pressure washing detergent has a multitude of uses—great for cleaning houses, decks, sidewalks, driveways, buildings, and trucks. This product is highly beneficial in removing spider webs and preventing streaks on windows, as well as removing brake dust residue from cars and trucks. Brown Stuff can be mixed with bleach to remove mold and mildew. The Brown Stuff naturally neutralized the bleach, which is beneficial to surrounding plants. For this reason, mixed product should be used the same day that it is combined.

Gutter Klean

This is a concentrated cleaning solution for effectively removing those unsightly black streaks from gutters and trailers with minimum effort. Gutter Klean can also be used as a heavy duty degreaser. The job is not done until the gutters are clean.

Super Deck Stripper

A concentrated professional-grade deck stripper that is great for removing most oil-based and waterborne deck stains and sealers. Super Deck Stripper can also be diluted to make an incredible wood cleaner.

Citrus House Wash

This powerful house wash detergent leaves a clean citrus smell. It is formulated for cleaning vinyl, aluminum and wood siding. It can be mixed with bleach to quickly remove unwanted mold and mildew.

Super Roof-X

A concentrated roof cleaner that removes stubborn roof stains from asphalt shingles without the use of bleach or damaging high pressure. Its high concentrations allows for a very economical roof cleaning solution with minimum effort.

Rust Stain Remover

This high-quality cleaner is specially designed for rust removal. It works equally well on concrete, masonry and other exposed hard surfaces. It will remove rust stains created by sprinkler systems or steel structures.

Non-Caustic Truck Wash

A premium super concentrated cleaner and degreaser for cleaning extremely dirty surfaces. This powerful truck wash is safe for use on polished aluminum surface.


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