Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing Chemicals CharlottesvillePressure Washers

We have Cold Water and Hot Water Pressure Washer for Commercial Grade Usage.
All our Pressure Washers are powered by Honda Engines, and have Quick Disconnect Gun and Wand Assembly. The frames are all made of lightweight aircraft grade aluminum—no welds to crack, break or fail.

We have all the Chemical Supplies you need to clean a variety of surfaces—see more>>.

We have all the Accessories you need to make your pressure washing project go smoothly—see more>>.

“This is to reflect the quality of service that we have received from Charlottesville Power Equipment. The staff is always very friendly, very helpful, very knowledgeable about their products and very professional. We own a mobile detailing business. We purchased a surf-cleaner that cleans driveways, cement and stone. We go to Ashlawn-Highland— they love the way we clean the Pavillion.”   —J. Morrison


COLD WATER—Pressure Washing

PWPPS2527HAI—2700 PSI—Cold

Pressure Washer Charlottesville

2.5GPM@2700 PSI
25′ High Pressure Hose

PWSP2700HGI—2700 PSI—Cold

Pressure Washer Cold Water 2700 psd
• 2.5GPM@2700 PSI
• 30′ High Pressure Hose
• 5 color coded tips and chemical injector included

PWE3027HG—2700 PSI—Cold

Pressure Washer 3017
• 3GPM@2700 PSI
• 50′ High Pressure Hose

PWE4040HA—4000 PSI—Cold

Pressure Washer Commercial
• 4GPM@4000 PSI
• 50′ High Pressure Hose

PWEB4040HG—4000 PSI—Cold

Pressure Washer Cold Water 4000 psi

• 4GPM@4000 PSI
• 50′ High Pressure Hose
• Remote Chemical Injector

HOT WATER— Pressure Washing

PW4012-10G—4000 PSI—HOT

Pressure Washer Hot Water 4000 psi
• 4GPM@4000 PSI
• 50′ High Pressure Hose
• Diesel Fired 12 Volt Hot Water Burner System
• Remote Chemical Injector Assembly
• Four high pressure tips

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