Ventrac Attachments

 for the Ventrac 4500 Tractor

All of Ventrac’s attachments connect to your Ventrac Tractor in minutes with no tools or heavy lifting. These attachments make the Ventrac Tractor your one tractor solution.
See this page for Ventrac Snow Management Attachments.

Aerator—AERA-Vator  EA600

Ventrac aeravator attachment

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Ventrac Aerator AttachmentThe AERA-vator Ventrac attachment is an aerator, designed to stir and loosen the soil beneath the sod without destroying the turf. The EA600 creates a core hole without bringing a core plug to the surface, leaving the turf ready for use immediately after treatment. Six holes are created each foot (66 holes per square meter) and hole size is regulated by drive speed– the slower the drive speed, the larger the hole.




Side Discharge Finish Mower—HM722 & HM602

Ventrac mower deck in use

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Ventrac finishing mower deck

Ventrac Finish Mower Decks utilize a rugged all-steel frame design, which suspends the Ventrac’s progressive discharge deck. This design gives you a high efficiency grass discharge for a better quality of cut by moving more grass efficiently through the deck tunnel. With the removal of two pins beneath the cross frame, the finishing mower deck can be easily tilted to a near vertical position for maintenance and storage.





Ventrac Contour Mower Attachment

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Contour Mower—MJ840
Ventrac Contour Mower CharlottesvilleVentrac’s Contour Mower attachment features a 83-inch working width making quick work of any mowing job regardless of the terrain without sacrificing quality of cut. Three decks float independently and follow the contour of the terrain with up to 40 degrees of motion for each side deck. The MJ840 also features full rear rollers for even cutting and striping, rear discharge, and a flip-up deck design.





Ventrac bush hog tough cut

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Tough Cut Mower—Bush Hog—HQ680
Ventrac Bush Hog attachmentThe HQ680 Tough Cut Mower is designed for mowing high grass, thick weeds and brush. A large baffled front opening allows brush to enter for cutting and hinders debris from escaping.

Ventrac’s three heavy-duty blades counter rotate to cut and drop materials evenly without windrowing. Capable of cutting material up to an inch in diameter, the HQ680 makes short work out of heavy brush. Attaches easily to the Ventrac Tractor.





Ventrac Leaf Blower Attachment

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Ventrac Leaf Blower AttachmentThe revolutionary KA160 Power Blower features a vertical shaft design that delivers a powerful, yet quiet performance. The blower can be used to remove leaves, light snow, water, etc.

The Ventrac blower housing can be rotated 180 degrees with the standard hydraulic motor. This allows the operator to move debris in the desired direction without hindering operation. Two gauge wheels maintain a consistent distance from the surface.





Ventrac Tiller Attachment

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Ventrac Tiller AttachmentThe Ventrac KL480 Tiller attachment is designed for easy preparation of gardens and yards. This power-driven front-end attachment allows the operator to easily monitor the Tiller’s performance. Designed with the Ventrac Mount System, the Tiller can be attached in a minute or less and comes with a stand for storing the Tiller when not in use.

A number 80 chain in an enclosed final drive is lubricated for heavy-duty performance. Skid shoe adjustments facilitate cutting depth. Twenty-four high carbon steel tines are sequentially spaced to provide smooth and efficient tillage.



Stump Grinder—KC180

Ventrac Stump Grinder Attachment

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Ventrac Stump GrinderThe KC180 Stump Grinder attachment makes quick work of unwanted stumps and roots. Heavy-duty carbide cutters provide extended and effective performance in spite of dirt, stones, and debris in work area. The Stump Grinder, mounted on the 4000 Series tractor, creates an agile, powerful and “turf friendly” mobile unit for lawns, golf courses, parks, and municipalities. A special convex mirror mounted to the tractor provides operator visibility to the front cutting edge. Steering wheel-controlled articulation provides side-to-side cutting action. Forward and reverse motion is controlled with the tractor’s hydrostatic drive.




Ventrac Plow Blade Attachment

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Ventrac Blade AttachmentVentrac KD Power Angle Blades have working widths of 48, 60, and 72 inches (122, 152, 183 centimeters). All control functions are performed with the S.D.L.A. control for raising and lowering the blade or angling it left or right. Adjustable skid shoes accommodate dozing at selected heights, such as moving snow on gravel driveways. The blades can be operated in a trip position for plowing or in a locked position for digging into material. Ventrac Power Angle Blades are versatile, labor-saving attachments designed for any number of jobs. From grading, leveling, and backfilling ground to plowing snow, moving material, or cleaning an area, the Ventrac KD series blades are up to the task.



Ventrac V Blade Attachment

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Ventrac V-BladeThe 55 inch Ventrac KV552 V-Blade maximizes efficiency with the ability to quickly change from V plow to Scoop to straight blade, all from the convenience of Ventrac’s exclusive S.D.L.A. control system. With a 48″ V width, the KV552 is ideal for walks and areas that larger blades are unable to plow. Standard features include hydraulically activated wing cylinders, mechanical trip, adjustable cast iron skid shoe discs, reversible high carbon hardened steel cutting edges, and a center shoe for gliding over rough terrain. Pivot points are fully greasable to ensure proper operation, even in the worst environments.




Ventrac Front End Loader

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Slip Scoop—HE480
Ventrac Scoop Attachment

The Ventrac Slip Scoop is a must for any Ventrac owner. The scoop is great for transporting material such as soil, sand, gravel, mulch, debris, snow, and much more. Used for landscaping, excavation, backfilling, leveling, digging and grading, the slip scoop is an indispensable attachment from construction sites to your own backyard, allowing you to say goodbye to your old wheelbarrow. Ventrac Slip Scoop is hydraulically controlled from the driver’s seat, allowing for smooth, effortless operation. The Slip Scoop is designed to sit upright after detachment, with the lift arms in the proper position for direct reconnection when the scoop is used again.




Versa Loader—KH500

Ventrac Front End Loader

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Ventrac Front End Loader AttachmentThe Ventrac KH500 VERSA-Loader is one attachment capable of performing several different tasks. The VERSA-loader offers you a standard 5 cubic foot bucket capable of lifting 500 pounds over 6 feet high. The versatile design allows you disconnect and get attached to other optional attachments in minutes without tools or heavy lifting.





Ventrac has more than 30 attachments. If you are looking for a Ventrac attachment you don’t see here, ask us.

Click on the video below to watch how the Ventrac Tractor and Ventrac Attachments is your “One Tractor Solution!” Ventrac is a four season tractor.