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4500 Series Articulating Tractor with 30 Attachment Options


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Ventrac Tractor 4500Z Articulating Tractor



The Ventrac 4500Z is powered by a 32.5 HP Kubota engine, model WG972-GL. This powerful and robust engine sports the highest peak torque value in our lineup. The engine is Bi-Fuel ready, providing the option of running on gas or propane. When adding the optional propane kit, this tractor offers a ‘green’ engine alternative for fuel savings and cleaner burning emissions that can reduce your carbon footprint and save you money.The Ventrac 4500P Digital Fuel Injection model was built with you in mind. From the advanced electrical system, redesigned frame, more safety and comfort features; the 4500P offers the reliable performance, astounding versatility and comfortable handling you have come to expect.
The 4500P comes equipped with the Kawasaki FD851D engine, offering multi-port digital fuel injection (DFI) for increased fuel economy as well as choke-free operation.



Ventrac 4500Z Tractor Charlottesville

Ventrac 4500Z with Optional Propane Powered


Standard Features of the Ventrac 4500 include:
• Enclosed Muffler
• Enhanced Weight Transfer System
• Pre-Wired Plug and Play Wire Harness
• Fold-Down ROPS- standard
• Premium Comfort Seat- standard
• Advanced Electronic Instrument Panel
• 6 Function Warning Gauge and Alarm
• Conveniently Located PTO Belt Tensioner
• Onboard Diagnostic System
• Sealed Electrical System
• Thermostat Controlled Oil Cooler
• Battery Disconnect Switch
• Automotive Style Parking Brake
• Universal PTO Switch
• Enhanced SDLA Operator Controls

Ventrac Articulating Mower Charlottesville

The front frame oscillates independently of the rear frame.


Discover the center articulating and oscillating difference.

The Ventrac tractor frame pivots and oscillates in the center giving it incredible flexibility, gentle touch on turf, and an advantage on slopes and rough terrain by keeping all four tires in contact with the ground all the time.Center Articulating Frame:
The tractor frame pivots in the center, allowing the rear tires to follow in the same path as the front tires.  This allows the tractor to easily navigate around obstacles and without damage to the turf.

Center Oscillating Frame:
The front frame oscillates independently of the rear frame. This allows the Ventrac to adapt to the terrain and keeps all four drive tires in contact with the ground even on the roughest terrain.
Why this matters:Maneuverability
Unlike a zero turn mower, skid-steer, or straight frame tractor – the rear wheels of an articulated tractor follow in the same path of the front wheels. Result: Front or rear attachments follow the same path as the tractor, minimizing the space required to turn and reducing the likelihood of hitting an obstacle.

Gentle on turf
Not only do the rear tires follow the path of the front tires, but the tires at the outside of the turning circle always travel at the appropriate speed relative to the tires at the inside of the turning circle. Result: Reduced turf disturbance, helping you to maintain a healthier lawn.

Advantage on slopes and rough terrain
An articulated tractor with an oscillating frame keeps all 4 drive tires on the ground even on the roughest of terrain. Result: Maximum traction when you need it the most, increasing your agility and safety on slopes and rough terrain.

Choose professional grade Ventrac Mount attachments to transform your Ventrac into a productivity powerhouse. This incredibly rugged and dependable machine is a wise business investment for golf courses, schools and universities, parks, street maintenance departments, commercial mowing services, contractors, wineries, farms, property owner associations, estate homes and anyone needing ONE machine to do it all. See the Attachments for Ventrac Tractors.

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