Leaf Blowers—RedMax

Considered an industry leader in performance, durability and selection, RedMax’s handheld and backpack blowers are efficient, powerful and easy to operate.RedMax Edger

Handheld blowers have a lightweight construction and are extremely well-balanced for easier handling.

All backpack units are equipped with variable speed cruise control throttles and extra-wide shoulder straps and a contoured, air-forced, cushioned back pad that keeps users cool in the field. RedMax backpack blowers use only commercial-grade engines with large 2-stage air filters for long service life. Most models include our patented Strato-Charged engine technology. Backpack blowers are also equipped with wide-sweep elbow rotation for full operator mobility and maneuverability, even in cold weather. Commercial models are equipped with Free Flow Air Net, which reduces air intake blockage providing maximum blowing performance.

Handheld and Backpack Leaf Blowers by RedMax


Model HBZ2610
• 25.4 cc displacement
• 1.2 horsepower
• 353 cfm Air Volume (at tube housing)
• 124 mph Max. Air Speed
• 9.2 lbs Weight

RedMax HBZ 2610 Leaf Blower

Model HB281
• 28.0 cc Displacement
• 1.1 horsepower
• 425/470 cfm Air Volume (at tube housing)
• 170 mph Max. Air Speed
• 9.4 lbs Weight
RedMax Leaf Blower HB281


Model EBZ5150/RH
• 50.2 cc Displacement
• 2.3 horsepower
• 406/678 cfm Air Volume (at tube housing)
• 191 mph Max. Air Speed
• 22.3 lbs Weight
RedMax Leaf Blower EBZ5150/RH

Model EBZ65000/RH

• 50.2 cc Displacement
• 3.81 horsepower
• 632 cfm Air Volume (at tube housing)
• 232 mph Max. Air Speed
• 23.2 lbs Weight
RedMax Leaf Blower EBZ6500/RH

Model EBZ75000/RH
• 65.6 cc Displacement
• 3.94 horsepower
• 770/971 cfm Air Volume (at tube housing)
• 236 mph Max. Air Speed
• 23.2 lbs Weight
RedMax Leaf Blower EBZ7500/RH

Model EBZ8500/RH
• 75.6 cc Displacement
• 4.43 horsepower
• 908/1024 cfm Air Volume (at tube housing)
• 206 mph Max. Air Speed
• 24.5 lbs Weight
RedMax Leaf Blower EBZ8500/RH

A Note from our customer about the Redmax EBZ8500/RH

“Dear RedMax—
Like most people I wanted to save money. But the sales person at Charlottesville Power Equipment explained to me the difference it would make if I went with the bigger, more powerful leaf blower for my purposes. I’m glad that I listened. I was not pressured at all, but I did end up purchasing the bigger blower. I am very pleased with my purchase of the RedMax EBZ8500/RH. Charlottesville Power is a credit to your product. I would recommend your leaf blower to anyone—and have done so. Thanks again.”

—R. Craig, Charlottesville, Virginia