Leaf Blowers-Wheeled—Little Wonder

Model Optimax LB160H

Leaf Blower Little Wonder LB160HLittle Wonder Charlottesville Power EquipmentLittle Wonder OPTIMAX blowers outperform the competition for moving stubborn leaf and yard debris, removing standing water, or for any job that requires hurricane-force air! Durable, solid-steel construction… they’re built to last and are backed by a 5-Year Warranty.

Transitioning from a backpack blower to a walk-behind blower? Start out with our “Classic” entry level models, the LB160H. This model feature the Little Wonder split-stream air deflector technology and adjustable, ergonomic handles with anti-vibration grip for operator comfort. Plus a transport bracket for convenient tie-down. Durability, comfort, and unmatched blowing performance all in a lighter package. You’ll get the job done faster with Little Wonder!

All Little Wonder walk-behind blowers feature a reverse-angled 7-blade all-steel impeller. That is matched with an aerodynamically constructed housing and curved air inlet which translates to maximum air flow. Adjustable, ergonomic handles with anti-vibration grip for operator comfort. Plus a transport bracket for convenient tie-down.

Optimax Leaf Blower CharlottesvilleSpecifications:
Engine: Honda 163cc
Fuel Capacity: 0.83 Gal.
17″, 7 blade steel, reverse angle
Discharge Chut Area: 14.9 sq ”
Air Volume: 1397 cfm
Air Speed: 153 mph
Dimensions: 43″h x 28″w x 56″l
Weight: 108 lbs
Warranty: 5 years

Many contractors depend on a walk-behind blower to help with leaf removal, an annual right of seasonal passage and necessary evil in deciduous tree regions. Leaf removal comes with its challenges. Often a thick layer of wet, heavy leaves lie beneath a layer of dry, small, hard-to-control leaves with twigs and other debris in the mix. These very common conditions can become a frustrating experience for landscapers. When a blower can only produce a straight airstream, it is very difficult to find the right angle. Directing that stream of air to the base of the pile to move the heavy, wet leaves can cause the top layer to blow back over the cleared area (known as blowback or windrowing). If the airstream is directed toward the middle or top of the pile, the airstream will not have the strength needed at the base to move the heavier leaves, requiring a couple of passes to clear the area. Little Wonder blowers feature a patented deflector that splits the airstream to make use of the fastest-moving air. In this scenario, the fastest moving air would be deflected to the base to move the weight of the pile from the bottom with the upper-level airflow speed reduced to keep the pile together, under control and moving forward, reducing or eliminating blowback and getting the job done in a single pass.