Edger RedMax HEZ2650F

Model HEZ2650F

The high-torque cutting capability of our RedMax edger prevents stalling, which increases operator productivity. The 25.4 cc HEZ2650F edger features the Strato-Charged engine which produces ultra-low emmissions with high-power output. The flex cable curved shaft is fitted with a die-cast aluminum guard that is clog-resistant and more durable than competitive edger models with plastic guards.

Strato-Charged® engine is a pure 2-stroke engine without using a catalytic converter.

Engine specificationsModel HEZ2650F
Cylinder displacement     25.4 cc
Power output     1.2 hp
Fuel tank volume     22 fl oz
Overall dimensions
Weight (excl. cutting equipment)     14.31 lbs


Maxtreme–Multi Tool Trimmer

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