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Model TA-25D

The patented Classen Split-drive Aerator is productivity at its finest. The aeration tines are split into left and right assemblies and driven independently of each other, which allows you to steer, turn and aerate without raising the tines out of the ground. What’s more, this self-propelled unit excels on side hills, making it the perfect choice for all your aerating needs. Combination throttle and drive control for smoother start.

• Steering controls ensure straight-line operation on side hills.
• Protective chain guards help keep grass, leaves and cores out of chains and sprockets.
• Patented split-drive technology permits non-stop steering, turning and aerating without raising tines out of the ground.
• Self propelled.

• Heavy-duty, non-relube ball bearings.
• Side bumpers prevent catching on obstacles and tire scrapes ensure consistent tine depth.
• Dimensions: 48.5”H (38” Aerating) x 40.5”W x 50”L
• Aerating Width: 24.375”
• Tines: 36 Tines with Coring Depth Up to 2.75” and Hole Pattern of 4.06” x 7”
• Engine: Honda GX120

Walk Behind Aerator

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