Towable Aerators

Trac-Vac Aerator  Model Trac-Vac 358 Trac-Vac Aerator

Normal soil compaction discourages your grass from getting all the life-giving oxygen, water and nutrients needed for the best of lawns. The Core Plug Aerator will remove small plugs (cores) from the turf, relieving soil compaction. Just connect it to your lawn tractor and go.

Features of Trac Vac Core Plug Lawn Aerators:
• 48″ wide
• 3/16″ angle iron construction.
• Bronze bushings with grease fittings.
• Independent core tine cluster rotation.
• 5/8″ tines made of heat treated steel.
• 4.10 x 3.50 pneumatic tires and lift arms for ease of transport.
• Penetrates up to 2 1/2″.
• Offset drawbar may be rotated to accommodate varying tractor drawbar heights.
• 16″ wide frame holds standard blocks.
• Both category “1” and category “0” 3-pt. hitch kits are available as options.

Core Aerator tow behind