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1. Why buy from Charlottesville Power Equipment?

It is not just a sale to us, we are interested in a long-term relationship with our customers! The staff here at Charlottesville Power Equipment (CPE) are all locals, so we know the Central Virginia terrain and the best types of power equipment used to maintain or enhance that terrain. We are here to help you find the most efficient equipment for the task. We offer the best quality equipment from the top manufacturers at a reasonable price. Our customers find that buying from Charlottesville Power Equipment is a smart choice because we provide full support after the sale including warranty repairs, complete maintenance and repair service, parts and any additional accessories you may want to add in the future. Maintenance and Repair Services for power equipment has become difficult to find in the Charlottesville area these days. Most companies that offered this type of service have gone out of business. We only provide maintenance and repair service on the equipment brands that we carry, so consider the life of the equipment before you purchase. It's the after-the-sale service relationship that makes Charlottesville Power Equipment different from buying online or from big box stores. Buy Smart. Buy Local.

2. I see some of the same brands you offer in the box stores, is there any difference in quality and is the price the same?

Some brand manufacturers such as Husqvarna, John Deere and Cub Cadet do offer some limited models through big box stores. These are selected as lower cost models to build brand awareness. Charlottesville Power Equipment operates as a Manufacturer's Dealer, so we may offer the same models, but we have access to the full range of manufacturer's products to give you a much better selection. We know the full line and we choose the best models the manufacturer has to offer. We may not be able to match the price of the big box stores, but we DO offer experienced, trained and knowledgeable staff to help you make the best buying decision. And we pre-service the unit before it goes home with you with gas and oil. We'll even give you instructions on the proper use! Unlike the big box stores, Charlottesville Power Equipment is with you after the sale. We have trained technicians on staff to perform your warranty, repair and maintenance work and we have a complete in-house parts department! Now, do you really expect us to offer all these wonderful benefits at the same price as someone that doesn’t?

3. Do you offer financing on new equipment?

Yes! We work with several different finance companies and even local banks to offer you choices that fit your needs. We can offer you great finance rates and payments to fit your budget. See our financing page for more information.

4. If I finance my purchase, can I pay it off early without penalty and is there a down payment expected?

Yes, you can always pay off early without a penalty. In most cases depending on your credit, no down payment is required but we will always advise you of the best plan. We make no profit from financing and only use it as a tool to help our customers, so we always want you to have the best deal with a reputable bank! See our financing page for more information.

5. Do you rent equipment?

No, not at this time because there are several area rental companies that do a great job. Please let us know if you have interest in this, as we may consider offering it in the future for some of our specialty equipment or golf carts.

6. What if I need repairs on my equipment?

We have trained technicians on staff that provide service and repairs on all the outdoor power equipment that we sell. When you purchase your equipment from Charlottesville Power Equipment, we take care of you after the sale! This means you will be placed at the front of the line when we have a backlog of service requests during the busy times of the year. We try to help anybody who has power equipment from the manufacturers that we carry, whether they purchased from us or not, but our preferred customers will come first.

As of January 1, 2015, we no longer service equipment of brands that we do not sell. We made this decision in order to ensure that we could provide the best quality service to our customers who purchase from us, and the manufacturers that we carry.

It's a good idea to give us a quick call about your power equipment service and repair needs, as this helps us to plan for your repair. All repairs are done on sight in our full-service facility. Every piece of equipment that comes into our service facility is logged into the computer so that nothing is misplaced. We even maintain a service record of everything ever done on your equipment. Service is the Charlottesville Power Equipment difference.

7. Do you offer pickup and delivery service?

Yes! But to be far more efficient we have contracted with two local towing companies to take care of our customers. Offering a delivery service was one of the most difficult and expensive parts of our operation. No kidding! These towing companies specialize in this and have the right equipment for any job. They now handle all our pickup and deliveries. Sometimes change is not easy but this was a great change that really benefits our customers! They are available 24/7 for your convenience. Your equipment is picked up sooner by experienced people, and in most cases returned the same day that the repair is completed! We have made special arrangements for our customers—when you call them directly to arrange for a pick-up, be sure to mention Charlottesville Power Equipment and you will receive a discount. They charge no more then we used to for far better service! Both accept credit cards.
Albemarle Towing at (434) 974-7546
Airport Auto Towing
contact James at (434) 960-2360

8. Is pickup and delivery covered under warranty on my new mower?

No, manufacturers only cover parts and labor due to any manufacturing defects. It is the customers’ responsibility to bring the mower to the service center for warranty repairs.

9. What happens if I pay for pickup and delivery but then after running my equipment I am still experiencing difficulties?

So glad you asked. We always back our service work with a 15 Day Guarantee. We want to be as fair as possible, but many times the problem you may be experiencing has nothing to do with our recent repair and is simply an unrelated new problem. If you feel a repair was not done correctly, please call the service manager immediately so that he can make arrangements to re-examine the unit right away. If you used our pick-up/delivery service from Albemarle Towing, you will need to pay to have the unit picked up and delivered a second time. But, if we determine that we made a mistake, (we are human) then we will reimburse you for the second pickup and delivery charge.

10. Can you provide referrals from other customers that have already purchased the same product I am considering?

Yes, we have thousands of customers that are preferred customers and are always willing to be honest and help a fellow customer. Just ask us for referrals.

11. Can you provide recommendations for contractors or landscape professionals if I chose not to purchase my own equipment?

Yes! We help support over 900 mostly local commercial contractors and landscaping service companies that can take care of any needs you may have. Many times during a sales presentation you will hear us suggest that you may want to try a commercial landscaper first—as in your case it may be cheaper and less maintenance for your particular needs. We will always give the best advice, even if it means no sale, because we hope you will appreciate that and come back!

12. Do you stock parts for brands other than what you sell?

Definitely! We offer parts for all major brands. We have the largest selection of in-stock parts in the area for brands such as Craftsman, Husqvarna, Mtd, Troybuilt and all major brands of lawn mowers. It is very difficult to stock every part for every brand but we typically stock the top 100 items for each brand and we can usually special order any part and have it here within 2-5 days depending on the manufacturer. More information on our parts department.

13. I am a considering starting my own landscape and commercial mowing business. What how can Charlottesville Power help me?

We love to help a business start out and then watch it grow. We start by meeting with you to discuss your goals and the types of lawns you plan to mow. Once we understand your goals we can suggest the most efficient equipment for the job. We want to keep your overhead as low as possible so we may suggest a package deal and then arrange financing so it is all in one low payment. Our service department puts the highest priority on commercial equipment repairs. Our policy is to look at any commercial equipment within 24 hours and have it repaired within 48 hours depending on parts availability. As your business grows we keep a look out for deals on additional units so that you have backup equipment to minimize any downtime.